Green Chef

Do you want to try Green Chef? I’ve loved it so far and want to share the goodness. Click the link below to get started. You’ll get $55 off your order when you also get a second box (it’s a weekly delivery that you can skip anytime).

Full disclosure I will receive $25 off my order for every referral that is used. So you will get $55 off of two orders and I get $25 off of my next order.

Imperfect Foods

I started using Imperfect in February of 2020, just before the pandemic. I absolutely love having my groceries delivered. When shopping online I can start my meal prep ideas. The prices are comparable to the store around me. The meat and seafood are a little expensive, but are sustainable sourced. I think that the grass fed and finished beef tastes better than the standard in store products. The pantry items are also the perfect sizes for my small household and help introduce me to new foods and possibilities. If you want to give it a try click the link below to get $80 in groceries ($20 off each of your first four orders).

As a full disclosure I get $30 in groceries every time I have someone follow my referral. So who ever clicks will get $80 to spend and I will receive $30 to spend. This is not cash that comes to me, more like a gift card.

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