Thoughts on cooking something new

When I am in the kitchen I feel most myself. I feel like I have everything under control, even if I really don’t. I search for long periods of time for new recipes to try. I often cook the same things over and over again. The food is good, so I do it again. I know the method and recipe, so I do it again. It is comforting, so I do it again. But to try something new is always a treasure. Going through the list of ingredients and reading the instructions are the more tedious parts. It’s the cooking and the making of it that I most love. I can create something new from a few simple steps.

My favorite recipes use fresh produce and herbs. I’m not a big fan of canned goods or box mixes. While they taste fine, it will never come close to that same feeling I get with fresh food. Prepping the produce gives me time to consider the best way to cook the food in front of me. It also allows for time to think about day. What did that day bring me, or if it’s morning, where will it take me? The time taken to prepare food is not a burden to me, it’s a much needed self reflection.

I love cooking and I want to help others to learn to cook. I want to write recipes in a way that are easy to follow and include helpful tips or substitutions. So hopefully I’m on my way to that goal with these posts.

Published by Elemmire Anini

I'm a scientist working on my Ph.D. In the meantime, I like to write, garden, cook, and explore the world around me. Join me on my adventures!

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